Why Equality Matters

Emerging research shows that equality across all fronts is better for everyone.   Research suggests that mental illness and obesity are lower in more equal societies. Children boring to a higher social class, live longer .

I recently tweeted this image showing the disparity between health and income inequality.

While there are a variety of factors that contribute to any individual illness. It is important to bring into account the stress that society plays maybe a factor. The stress of living in a stratified society can cause undue stress that can lead to a myriad of problems.

In his movie Zeitgest: Moving Forward, Peter Joseph points out that more egalitarian societies are also more innovative. This dismisses that competition and greed lead a society of technological prosperity.

My opinion is that we a still very in tune with our cavemen instincts. Millenia ago when the only wealth we had was on our backs and anything else was left to the earth. We evolved as an equal opportunity species allowing others to prosper for the group and us to survive. We were competitive against other species, but not within our tribe.

Check out Equality Trust for more information.

I did a podcast with Reece talking about Universal Basic Income and how society can benefit as a whole from all of us chipping in.

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