The news outlets I use to avoid fake news

In this era of "Fake News", many media outlets claim they know what they are talking about and are unbiased, it is hard to dig through the cesspool of corporate media.

These are the news outlets that I trust because they speak truth to power, put there opinion on the line and attack the powerful. Some of these news outlets are HIGHLY BIASED, because to tell the real news you must have an opinion. That is why you must take a look at every issue from both sides.

1. The Intercept

A news outlook founded by a true rebel Glenn Greenwald. He released the Edward Snowden documents to the public and has made a media outlet speaking truth to power since 2013.

2. Truth Dig

I love Chris Hedges, one of the best contributors on this site. This website challenges the mainstream narrative and is not funded by any big corporations or beholden to big doners.

3. The Ben Shapiro Show

Not being a conservative, this man is the guy I go to when I feel I am on the brink of being a full blown socialist. Incredibly smart and witty. If you hate conservatives, he may must change your mind.

4. The Majority Report

A progressive podcast that is aired daily, Sam Seder breaks down many minute details of politics, while having a lot of fun along the way.

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